A rocket is launched


An astronomical number – 350 billion emails per day routed and analyzed by software built in the 90s.

The numerous energy and environmental crises have made us aware that any new IT product must be designed with the major objective of reducing the environmental footprint. It is on this premise that the vSMTP project was born in 2020.

Since its first releases in 2021, vSMTP is certainly one of the fastest MTAs in the world.

Early vSMTP 1.01 version compared to Postfix 3.6

Since then we did great optimizations, but, when considering an MTA in 2023, its intrinsic performance is not the only quality to take into account. It must be easily usable and configurable. The vSMTP version 2 specifications met these criteria by providing an advanced scripting language as well as a very easy to use rules system.

Version 3

We wanted to go further, and design a new version capable of integrating into a world where cloud computing reigns supreme and where companies’ commitment to CSR has become mainstream.

The viridIT teams have worked hard to answer them and I am proud to announce the release of version 3 of vSMTP at the beginning of October. This major release brings a completely new architecture based on microservices.

You can right now download the release candidate on GitHub. Our teams will be happy to guide you during your installation.

Stay tuned. Join us on Discord, X and LinkedIn.