The Next Generation of Mail Transfer Agent.

Optimize your email security infrastructures with vSMTP

vSMTP mail transfer agent

Faster and Greener infrastructures

It is a more efficient, more secure and more ergonomic product than the competition. It is up to 5 times faster than its competitors and significantly reduces the need for IT resources. You can choose the open source version or the retail version for improved functionality and better responsive support.

Customizable security policies

Users can generate complex routing and filtering scenarios through a simple and intuitive advanced scripting language. Adding or modifying subsystems is facilitated by the internal design of the software. An API is available allowing easy integration into existing security elements. Several native plug-ins are available.

Security policies
Email filtering system

Email In-depth Filtering System

In addition to the standard analysis of the SMTP envelope, the product adds the possibility of interacting on the fly on the content of messages (MIME). It is possible to filter, modify, encrypt, etc. any part of an email.