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Our teams are disrupting the status quo by developing innovative IT solutions.

We are a force for positive change.

By refusing to accept what has been as what must be, we want to make the Internet safer and more environmentally friendly.

Pierre-Antoine Guardiolle
Chief Executive Officer

Pierre-Antoine is founding CEO of viridIT. With more than 25 years of experience, his strengths rely on a broad view on IT systems and development. Prior to viridIT, Pierre-Antoine held the position of CTO for CSC Computer Sciences EMEA S&W and leadership roles with CACEIS, KredietBank and RENAULT. He earned a Master degree in Computer Science from Nancy University.

Jean-Dominique Detona
Chief Operating Officer

Before coming to viridIT, Jean-Dominique was the Managing Director at Group Open PSF Luxembourg, a major software and consulting company. Earlier in his career, he held various executive positions in IT companies. Jean-Dominique earned a degree in Economics from Nancy University.

Jean-Pascal Launay
Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Pascal brings more than 15 years of experience in finance and corporate leadership to viridIT. Before joining us, he held various financial position at DXC. Jean-Pascal is also the CEO and chairman of the board of Immopad SAS. He hold a MSc in management from EM Lyon business school.

Philippe Dosch
Computer Sciences

Philippe is an associate professor at University of Nancy, working at the computer science department of IUT Nancy-Charlemagne. His research works are led at LORIA, in the QGAR team. He works on technical documents analysis, and on symbol recognition in particular. Philippe held a PhD. in Computer Sciences from Nancy University.

Gérald Masini
Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Before retiring, Gerald was a senior researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). During his career, he has notably worked and wrote several books on object language theory and on problems related to graphic recognition. He held a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Nancy University.

Lucas Tabis

Lucas works at viridIT and is completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science. Adept at low level programming languages, he is passionate about the world of computing and new technologies.

“Working at viridIT is an amazing opportunity to learn more about Rust while building a project that matters. I am proud to be part of the team !”

Mathieu Lala

Mathieu is an experienced C++ developer. He enjoys 3D rendering, backend and low level systems development. He is completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

“I am a Rust enthusiast, and I think it fits the needs of the industry very well and makes it easier to develop next-gen systems.”


Let’s build together a secure digital society

Cybersecurity is one of today’s most innovative fields.

It affects everything, from how companies do business to how people live their lives.

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