A migration challenge

Scaling business to a best-in-class digital position often involves a complete IT infrastructure transformation.
These transformation projects are therefore often seen as highly disruptive, costly and presenting challenges that take time to resolve or are difficult to overcome. According to Forbes, 84% of digital transformation efforts fail due to the magnitude of the challenges posed.

As a result, decision-makers and users are often hesitant to engage in such a transformation. As such, they often find themselves trying to overthink the problem, following change processes that require everything to stop and start from scratch.

If your instinct makes you anxious about new technologies and strategies, then you are not alone.

To address this issue, at viridIT we offer a non-disruptive approach, based on outsourcing standards: the T&T (Transition and Transformation) method.

The transition step

The transition phase is a smooth migration, consisting of replacing certain components with a constant functional scope. The customer’s infrastructure is not impacted.

The strength of vSMTP is that it can easily adapt and mimic the behavior of its competitors.

In collaboration with the client teams, we analyze the architecture of the current system as well as the incoming and outgoing flows from the client’s backend (logs, SMTP, HTTP, etc.)

Next comes the vSMTP configuration phase.
In order to minimize the impact on the client’s IT backend, our teams remotely build a tailor-made vSMTP on viridIT infrastructures.

Test sequences are carried out by temporarily connecting the new architecture to the client’s backend. Until a satisfactory result is obtained, this step is repeated.
As soon as the tests are conclusive, a transition plan is developed with the client.
All tests having been carried out, the transition can then be carried out smartly and smoothly.

This period lasts on average 3 to 4 weeks and only requires a few man days for the client.

Getting started

As with any new tool, customer teams must understand and master vSMTP. This way we distribute the necessary support and training during this period.

And it is by acquiring mastery of vSMTP that customer teams will begin to design and imagine another way of operating, using the power of vSMTP.

The transformation step

A common mistake is to view transformation as a process that must begin and end at some point.
It is a process that occurs in manageable stages rather than a significant and immediate need to move to its final transformed state.
Transformation should not be seen as a final step but rather as a process of continuous improvement.

The better the tools, the better the business

Although they involve different mechanisms of change, digital transformation and transition are essential to the future success of your business.

Technology is constantly evolving, becoming more functional and encompassing new business needs.
This highlights the shortcomings of older, outdated technology that makes business processes slower and more expensive than competitors.

Upgrading outdated software may seem like a basic plan, but if not considered, it can significantly hamper your business processes. vSMTP offers new ways for your business to operate and ensure a successful future.
For more information on how to improve and transform your processes, contact viridIT today.